Long time tutorial author Mustafa Muhammed posts a great look at getting your feet wet with Autodesk Maya. Muhammed has been creating tutorials for more than 4 years. This is his first foray into creating a tutorial in english.

learn the basics of modeling , shading and rendering in autodesk maya with this tutorialMustafa Muhammed

If you are looking to get your feet wet within Maya, this is a great start for you as it covers modeling, shading setup and materials, as well as lighting and final render. So this one runs the complete production workflow from start to finish.

Muhammed shows how to create an alarm clock in Maya, which is really a great facilitator for getting started as it provides a lot of the details in every area of discipline in Maya, getting you familiar with each one as you go.

You can find Mustafa Muhammed’s previous tutorials on his Youtube Channel, and he does plan on making more in english as well. so be sure to drop by and visit UltimateDigitals here.