Animating a Camera Move and Snow From a Still Image Using Maya and Nuke

Josh Parks posts a look at creating a camera move from a still image. Using Both Autodesk Maya and Nuke, Josh takes an image and makes it into a believable camera move shot complete with snow and atmospheric effects.

In this tutorial, we’ll be using Nuke’s 3D System to take a still image and turn it into an atmospheric shot with camera moves and moving elementsJosh Parks –

. We’ll also be going over how to replicate some camera attributes such as grain as well.

Using Photoshop to undistorted an image before it is brought into Maya, Josh shows hot to use camera mapping techniques in Maya to create the necessary 3d shapes need for the camera move. Josh notes that this technique has been used on many feature films, and provides a great result in a short amount of time.

Check the post Create an Atmospheric Snow Shot in Nuke and Maya for the complete tutorial.