Modo Mesh Fusion Introduction, How Mesh Fusion Will Change the Way You Model

Academic Director at the Digital Animation and Visual Effects School at Universal Studios in Florida, William Vaughan shares his discoveries and thoughts and general excitement for the Mesh Fusion tool within modo.

Although Mesh Fusion evolved significantly after the creation of this video and before its official release, I think there are still some valuable nuggets that the MODO community could benefit fromWilliam Vaughan

Mesh Fusion allows you to

  • Create booleans between subdivision surface (SDS) objects

  • Control the blending between the resulting surfaces

  • Edit assembly instructions creatively with three intuitive editing modes

  • Use with deformers and other MODO modeling tools, giving freedom to experiment more

  • Final mesh output is a single unified mesh ready for further editing or export to .STL for 3D printing

This video was taken from a short video commissioned by the Foundry for an event prior to Mesh Fusion’s release. Mesh Fusion is a plugin for modo that can create booleans on subdivision surfaces in real time. The flexibility of the Mesh Fusion tools really has to be seen to be appreciated.

One of the great things in this video is that William goes back to previous models that he has built, prior to using modo and Mesh Fusion, and shows how he would build them again using Mesh Fusion.

The differences are truly jaw-dropping. It is so easy to carve, add, or sculpt with shapes in Mesh Fusion, that it can very well change the way that you model permanently.

Mesh Fusion for Modo dropped a little while ago, developed by Braid Art Labs based upon some of the technology that was available in GroBoto.

Sold as a plugin for Modo 701 SP4, Mesh Fusion takes the best part of booleans and brings them to the modeling forefront. Mesh Fusion was built to let you interactively blend, add and subtract objects to create consistently high quality subdivision surface (SDS) models quickly and effectively.