Prepping Rapid Rig for Export to Game Engines

Rapid Rig’s creator, Dustin Nelson has a look at using rapid rig for game development. Here he shows how to ready a rig for export to any game engine. Rapid Rig already has support for the types of joint systems that game engines tend to utilize. Dustin covers how to get the character and the animation over to something like Unity.

Blockquote text goes hereDustin Nelson

In this brief tutorial, I cover how to set up and export a skinned mesh that uses Rapid Rig into a game engine.

About the Rapid Rig Tools

Rapid Rig has expanded since its first inception. RR is offered in three different packages, with Rapid Rig, Rapid Rig Advanced, Rapid Rig Poser and the latest which is Rapid Rig Modular. All the versions of Rapid Rig are geared towards getting a character rig setup as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Rapid Rig Modular

Rapid Rig Modular is a completely procedural way to set up your characters in Maya. with RR Modular you can place any number of components down to “frankenstein” a character together no matter what the number of limbs are. As each component is meant to work together, you are able to have a character with 5 arms, any number of legs, tails or even wings. Rapid Rig Modular removes the constraints of bipedal and quadrupedal characters from previous versions of Rapid Rig. We had a chance to look at Rapid Rig Modular in a previous post¬†Rapid Rig Auto-Rigger for Maya Goes Modular.

You can learn more about the Rapid Rig suite of rigging tools for maya here.