Using Multi-Tile UVs in Nuke

the render blog posts a quick look that provides an overview for the workflow for using Multi Tile UV’s in Nuke. The need arose from working on a floor texture which offers a great example for using multiple UV tiles. You don’t want to see a repeating pattern in the floor texture, which can be made more pronounced by having large areas visible to the camera.

The problem with tileables in this case is that you will get a lot of repetition. My idea was to paint over some patches in mari to break that


The Render Blog shows how to load all the textures and set up the multi-tile UV’s in Nuke, by giving each texture a transform node, and offsetting the values strategically based on texture resolution. Once that is all in place, you can use the Nuke MergeMat node to apply the result.

This workflow offers a great way to check the repetition in the texture pattern and correct it either in Mari or Photoshop. As the render blog notes, its just as easy to correct for repetition inside of Nuke itself, if you choose.

Check out the complete tutorial showing the Workflow for using Multi-Taile UV’s in Nuke here.