Daniel Cahill provides a tutorial for using the new GMH2 Polygon to Maya Hair tool from Thunder Cloud Studio. As Daniel mentions, the GMH2 site has some great and in-depth tutorials on using the GMH2 plugin for Maya, so this tutorial is more about getting the kind of geometry you need for the GMH2 tools, and getting them ready to work with in Maya.

The original GMH tools were pretty useful. Recently however the update to GMH2 made a pretty big splash. Created by Art Director and Generalist  Dzung Phung Dinh of ThunderCloud Studios, the GMH2 plugin for Maya went through some dramatic changes, optimizations, streamlined user interface changes and better workflows.

If you have not had a look at the GMH2 Plugin for Maya, you can check to the post for it here: Maya Character Hair Tool Gets Major Update in GMH2


The GMH2 script is written in MEL so it will runs on a PC, Linux or Mac, is compatible with (32 & 64 bit version): Maya 2013 , Maya 2014. GMH2 is a tiny bit more pricey than its predecessor, and will set you back a mere $39.00.

To learn more about GMH2 or to purchase, chaco the page here ThunderCloud Studios GMH2 Script for Maya Hair