25 Simple Tricks for Better Motion Graphics

Derek Lieu posts a compilation of his list of go-to “25 things” that will make your motion graphics project more visually interesting. If you have been creating motion graphics for a while, these will be pretty basic to you. If however, you are just getting started out, this can help you get oriented as to what types of things might make your work a little better.

This is a compilation of mostly simple things I see in a lot of motion graphics tutorials or just basic elements of motion graphics

Derek notes that this is by no means a recipe as much as it is a checklist of ingredients for consideration the next time you are designing a piece. Derek has a post covering the 25 simple things to make your motion graphics better, going a bit more in depth with each point.

The 25 points as seen by Derek are gradients, vignettes, gestures, color grading, shadows, contrast, moving backgrounds, glow, light sweep, light rays, lens flares, slams, motion blur, staggered animation, graph editing, bounce, mattes, color transitions, twitching, particles, compositing, camera moves, DOF, Camera Shake and 3D Type.

What are some simple tips you use to take things to the next level in your motion graphics work? -Post then below!


  1. roger

    i don’t mean to be an @$$ but couldn’t this guy have just hyperlinked to videocopilot.net since most of this is from early andrew kramer tuts as well as using vcp plugins? seems like the video was more of an exercise in animating and less about actually being beneficial to anyone.

    • Derek

      No, because the intention of the video is to give beginners a quick cheat sheet for a bunch of small techniques that a lot of sites (yes including Video Copilot) use in their video tutorials.

      The problem with full video tutorials is that it’s easy to follow along, but hard to take bits and pieces of knowledge to help you create original graphics. So I wanted to make a more general overview of simple things that are good to know about when you’re a beginner.

      Advanced users take these techniques for granted because most of them are second nature, but they’re not who I was targeting by making this video.

  2. troll

    Was I the only one that lol’d at the light sweep effect…I hope he knows there’s a built in plugin for that, and it’s called “light sweep” lol

  3. troll

    OMG! are you kidding me dude? that’s NOT how to animate staggered text..that is clumsy verbose and uneditable…the correct way is using text animators, and for beginners there is a plethora of presets waiting to be used right inside ae..use them, and reverse engineer them…for F sakes please DO NOT animate your text like this!! seriously??!! (slaps palm against face)

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