What IrayForMaya Looks Like in a Production Workflow

Jonathan Beals and HingeDigital recently used an implementation of iRay in Autodesk Maya in a spot called “FoodScape”, where the entire spot was rendering using [0x1] Consultancy’s IrayForMaya. Jonathan discusses HingeDigital’s experience using IrayForMaya and the workflow for how iRay was used on the project. It’s really interesting to see how the IrayForMaya product is integrated into Maya, and how easy it is to work with Iray.

Breakdown tutorial for a foodscape video I worked on that was rendered using IrayForMaya



During the beta process, [0x1]‘s iRay for Maya was put through the paces in actual production work. Hinge Digital teamed up with NVIDIA and 0×1 to create Foodscape advert which relied on iRay in Maya for rendering. You can see a post outlining the project and the use of iRay in Maya here. Hinge Digital teams with NVIDIA and 0×1 to create Foodscape.

Iray has always been a 3DS Max product. Although, it can be run in Maya through some clever hacks, it is not as well implemented as one might think. [0x1] tool it upon themselves to develop IrayForMaya as a product. To learn more about IrayForMaya check out the page here.