Iray Comes to Maya 2016

Iray has had its development strongly footed in Autodesk’s 3ds Max. Essentially being the counterpart for Mental Ray, Iray represents the physically accurate progressive renderer for Max.

If you wanted to use the progressive renderer, in Autodesk Maya however, there was a company that stepped up to create a plugin that allows you to have Iray integration. It seems that the [0x1] Iray For Maya is now the official Iray plugin. An adjusted partnership between [0x1] Software und Consulting GmbH and Nvidia, [0x1] Iray For Maya is now renamed to Nvida Iray for Maya.

Now with the latest Nvida Iray for Maya 2016, users can access unlimited material options using integrated material nodes, and even add your own material definitions and procedural functions using Nvidia’s Material Definition Language (MDL). Other benefits include rapid depth of field adjustment, accurate motion blur, physical sun and sky system and no slowdown from adding additional light sources.

Also available is the first edition of vMaterials, a free set of digital material offerings verified for accuracy, control and consistency. With vMaterials, designers no longer have to spend time sourcing and creating their own materials.
Iray for Maya 2016 is available as a node-locked or floating license for $295/year through the Nvidia Iray software store, and a 90-day trial version is available.