Use X-Particles Wet Maps to Drive Turbulence FD Emissions in C4D

Ben Watts shows us how to take advantage of dynamic emission maps in Turbulence FD. Using the example of creating a sticky acid-like liquid that burns when it will come into contact with an object. Ben shows how to generate the liquid and its contact positions with X-Particles.

In this one we’ll learn how to create sticky liquids & wet maps using X-Particles and use them for controlling dynamic emission maps such as smoke with Turbulence FD & changes to our texturesBen Watts –


X-Particles Wet Maps

X-Particles has the ability (since version 2.5) to create wet maps, allowing you to write out image maps based on the particle’s contact with other objects. These maps can them be used to alter the materials for the object, to give it a wet or affected look. X-Particles easily handles wet maps and can handle fluid simulation with wet map generation, and includes a wet map tag in C4d and includes a wet map shader. In this case, Ben is using wet maps to show the acid’s effects on a simple shape. This includes burning where it comes in contact, complete with smoke.


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