Maya Pipeline Manager Tool Helps Organize Assets and Control Project Workflow

Daniel Moreno posts a look at his Maya Pipeline Manager Tool, which can help manage the entire project directly from within Maya. This is something that Daniel has been working on fro quite some time, and recently it has undergone some modifications and received new documentation.

Daniel has plans to release the Maya Pipeline Manager as a product shortly, which which will be available for Maya versions 2011-2014 under Windows.

Maya Pipeline Manager features the ability to list and set projects easily from within Maya. It will also allow you to created ordered projects from an existing template.

Pipeline Manager also:

  • Deals with Ma and Mb extensions
  • Shortcuts for opening most used folders in each project (explorer)
  • Built-in function for cleaning Namespace
  • Open files and gives all kind of infos as well as thumbnails
  • Files can be listed by user and oflder
  • Easily transform a incremental save file to a published file
  • Overwritten published files are saved on the restore folder by date
  • Padronized referencing filed made easy
  • Asset Manager that zips files with textures and referenced files included
  • User Management System
  • Full integration to Maya Interface