ProGrade Toolkit for C4D V-Ray Lighting Tools

No doubt that there are quite a few “lighting presets” and tools out there, especially for Cinema 4D. Now you can add another to the list with the ProGrade Toolkit.

ProGrade is an essential toolkit for v-ray lighting in Cinema 4D

Lalrammawia Tlau recently released his essential toolkit for V-Ray lighting in Cinema 4D, that offers the ability to get set up with high quality renders really quickly.

ProGrade Toolkit for C4D is a preset that encompasses a suite of tools for lighting and rendering with V-Ray.



ProGrade Toolkit for C4D

ProGrade Toolkit is comprised of Prograde itself along with HDR Studio Lite, ProLight HDR, ProLight Softbox, ProStage, ProCam, ProTexture Lite, Stages, with 10 HDR images and some common studio lighting presets.

ProGrade Toolkit gives you complete customization over your scene lighting and camera’s in C4D, with some tools that will easily allow for camera animation.


ProGrade Toolkit runs under Cinema 4D R13 – R15, and will set you back a mere $25.00. Check out ProGrade Toolkit for Cinema 4d over on here.