How to Set Up and Export AOV’s in Houdini Mantra

For as capable and complicated a render workflow as Houdini’s Mantra renderer is, the workflow for creating any kind of shader variable into an AOV is extraordinarily simple to create – and you should expect no less from a completely procedural application such as Houdini.

Lost Boys School of VFX

In this lesson Andrew Lowell (Lead FX TD Instructor) is going to show you how to set up and export AOV’s in Mantra

Lost Boys School of VFX and its lead FX TD instructor Andrew Lowell shows how easy it is to set up and export AOV’s (arbitrary output variables) using the Houdini standard rendering engine, Mantra.

Andrew shows how to get some of the most helpful AOV’s out of Mantra renders. Some things are ridiculously simple – Houdini and Mantra make it really easy to export a separate image renee for each light in the scene, which can be useful in your composite.