FurryBall GPU Renderer Gets New Support for Cinema 4D

FurryBall GPU renderer updates with new plugin support for Cinema 4D. The trend definitely seems to be towards GPU enabled rendering these days – with a focus on getting progressive and physical renders ubiquitous and along side the viewport.

The main new feature we added is Maxon Cinema 4D plugin

With OTOY’s Octane, Imagination’s Caustic Visualizer, and Both V-Ray and Arnold real time render options, hitting the render button may be soon a thing of the past.


FurryBall Renderer

FurryBall has been leading the way with their realtime renderer with a release for Autodesk Maya roughly five years ago. Since then they have been hard at work revising and adding to FurryBall now up to Version 4.8, which adds new “Beta” plugin support for Cinema 4D. Purchasing a license of FurryBall comes with plugins to operate in Autodesk Maya, 3Ds Max, and now, Cinema 4D gets added to the list.

To learn more about FurryBall, head over to the site or try a demo here – FurryBall PGU Renderer and the new beta Cinema 4D plugins here.