Action Nodes in Nuke? Why… yes.

A small conversation at a party resulted in Zuo Yizhen and minong  to take a few months to create WUKONG v1.0, which will give you the Autodesk Smoke / Flame type of nodes that you would see in the Action module, right in Nuke, including the “Kiss” function of connecting two nodes by touching them together.


WUKONG v1.0 not only provides the look of the Action Nodes in Flame, but also a lot of their functionality. We have seen something similar in the past, when Simon Jokuschies showed how you can Instantly Connect Nodes in Nuke with a Kiss Function using his script that offered that functionality in Nuke.

WUKONG v1.0 is on a completely different level – If you have ever wanted some of Autodesk Smoke / Flame functionality in Nuke – you might want to check this out. Check out the WUKONG v1.0 Script for Nuke here.