DEM Earth for Maya? C4D’s Popular Landscape Tool Coming for Autodesk Maya

DEM Earth plugin for Maya? Yes please! It is no secret that I would love to see some specific functionality and tools used in Cinema 4D incorporated into Autodesk Maya. There are a few really great things brought forward by the C4D community that would really benefit from Maya’s environment. One of those is DEM Earth from CinemaPlugins’ Paul Everett, who has been a C4D developer for over 12 years.

I have went on and on about DEM Earth, and how great a tool it can be for creating terrains, maps, and recently creating instant cities- But if you hare unfamiliar – DEM Earth allows you to automatically download and build realistic landscapes based off of actual Digital Elevation Model data, and it does this in a really efficient and elegant way. Check the video above for how DEM operates within C4D as an example.

At this point things are still very much preliminary, so features and compatibility may change, but the C4D version of DEM Earth features:

  • Smart OSM Object – * Easily download and manage OpenStreetmap data directly in DEM Earth.
  • Smart Extruder Object – * A fast, intelligent building extruder, which works tightly with OSM Object and DEM Earth to produce great results.
  • DEM Earth Generator – A realtime landscape generator which automatically downloads and caches DEM data for you, for the entire world
  • PinPoint Object – Used for placing any 3D object on DEM Earth landscape with ability to dynamically scale and move with the landscape
  • Way Object – A flexible spline Generator for Visualizing paths between objects on the landscape
  • Coverage Command – Visualize what DEM files your have already cached
  • GeoPointConverter – together with the Tools4D OpenStreetMap importer,easily overlay massive OSM data sets onto DEM Earth
  • GPX Importer – Easily import Tracks,Routes and Waypoints. Drag and drop your gpx file into C4D, DEM Earth does the rest.
  • World File Import – drag and drop industry standard World files into C4D and DEM Earth will create the landscape for you and overlay your image automatically
  • *ASC height Import – Embed super high res height, commercial DEM or DSM data, directly into DEM Earth, using industry standard ASC format (*Esri Grid, WGS84 geographic )
  • Direct ASC import – *included. The only way there is, to get a super accurate, non-interpolated, high res landscape data into Cinema4D. This is how easy importing DEM data should be.
  • Automatic 90m Dem data downloader – *Included
  • Automatic 30m DEM Data downloader – *Included
  • DEM Earth Image Downloader – *Included. Easily capture web-based images from a multitude of open sources, with unparalleled ease.
  • GeoCoding Tool – *included. Both coding and inverse coding to get get coordinates from names, and names from coordinates.

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  1. rodolfo

    We need that for Maya…There are other ways to do DEM in Maya, not much of a hassle but this would make things a lot easier and faster. Keep it up.


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