Pixldg shares a tutorial showing some of the possibilities in using the Cinema 4D Art Shader – first showing how the art shear works, then showing how you can create an Art Shader Library of your own. As an added bonus, Pixldg is offering a free download of some of the Art Shaders he has created – Get your Pack of Free Art Shaders for Cinema 4D here.



Other Resources for the Cinema 4D Art Shader

there are more things that you can do with the C4D Art Shader, rather than just having it draw elements artistically. You can use it to create realtime materials in C4D. Simon Fiedler takes a look at how it is possible to create realtime materials in Cinema 4D through the use of the Art Shader, giving you something that creates direct feedback in your 3D Viewport. Creating Real-Time Materials with Cinema 4D’s Art Shader.