Tip for Interactively Adjusting the C4D Knife Tool

Jamie Hamel-Smith shares a quick little tip, where he shows a little known or used feature of the C4D knife tool. As Jamie points out, the C4D Knife Tool is a very capable tool, allowing you to create cuts in your geometry with some great options.

What some people don’t realize, is that you can place a cut down temporarily and then adjust its parameters after the fact. This makes it really easy to create more strategic or calculated edges within an area of a model. You can easily do this with the C4D Knife tool by enabling the lock position for the cut on the model and numerically entering a value in the attribute manager.

Check out this and other great quick tips for C4D over at Jamie Hamel-Smith’s site here.

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  1. El gaspy

    excellent, i was wondering about how to manipulate that value, because till now was doing nothing

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