Using Mocha Roto-Shapes to Create a Stylized Cel Shaded Look in Ae

There are many ways to create a stylized cel shaded look in Ae, some are easily automated procedures that are quick, but may leave you in a lurch for changing the look by lack of control. Here Imagineer Systems Product Specialist, Mary Poplin shows how you can use the bundled Mocha tracking system you get with After Effects to track Roto-Shapes on a face.

Although the workflow is fairly basic here, it is interesting to see how the turning face gets tracked with multiple Mocha splines. The Mocha masks are then used to drive specify effects to create a stylized cel shaded look in Ae.

Mary also shows you how to convert one selected layer with many mocha masks to separate layers, each with it’s own named mocha mask using an easily available free script from