Imagineer Systems posts a webinar replay that covered the basics and workflow for using Mocha Pro’s planar tracker and roto tools with The Foundry’s Nuke.

the many ways that mocha Pro is the ideal assist utility for NUKE VFX pipelines

You might think that there would be some overlap between the tools in Nuke and Mocha Pro. For the most part both of them have planar tracking systems and will allow you to create roto within the respective applications.

In maya way, Mocha Pro is the ideal assist utility application for Nuke VFX Pipelines, and Imagineer’s Martin Brennand & Mary Poplin explore this topic, by covering the basics of using Mocha Pro’s Tracking and roto along side Nuke.

In a tutorial that is both suitable for beginners and intermediates, the topics that were covered in the webinar are

  • Tracking and roto basics
  • Tracking for Spline Warps
  • Exporting Corner Pin nodes vs Tracker nodes
  • MochaImport+ for Nuke