Ever wanted to control TurbulenceFD using X-Particles?  Actually, you can most likely control TurbulenceFD fluid behavior with any particle system. Here, John Tettenborn posts a quick look at using X-Particle to drive TurbulenceFD’s fluids.

Using any particle system you can control Turbulence FD`s fluid behavior in a very sophisticated way

As John notes, if you are attempting to control TurbulenceFD, you may immediately find that there is little support for Cinema 4D’s particle forces, such as rotations, wind and the like.

If you give the particle emitter a Turbulence FD Emitter Tag using a value in the Velocity Weight force setting, TurbulenceFD will reflect and follow the behavior of the particles.

Just give your particle emitter a Turbulence FD Emitter Tag with some number in “Velocity weight” under the Forces tab. This way turbulence FD will imitate the behavior of the particles.

It is almost as if you are painting a velocity field with the X-Particles that TurbulenceFD can use to simulate the fluid. Altering the number of particles, particle radius, and the emitter,  in the Velocity Weight can change the simulations drastically.