MOOTZOID Releases emPolygonizer 5

Eric Mootz, or Mootziod has released a new version of emPolygonizer, the popular dynamic meshing tool that used to be a Softimage only endeavor. Over the last while however, most of Eric’s tools have been re-writen for other applications such as Modo, and Maya.

Following suit, the latest version of emPolygonizer sees a release for all those applications at once – as well as a stand alone command line tool.

This new plugin is available for Softimage, Maya, Modo, Fabric Engine and as a command line tool

emPolygonizer Fast Meshing

emPolygonizer will allow you to dynamically create a mesh from a particle cloud or selected object, offering an extremely quick workflow through a multithreaded meshed core, and does so with extremely low memory usage. This make emPolygonizer completely capable of “meshing” dozens of millions of particles without really breaking a sweat.

You can learn more about emPolygonizer 5, check its home at Mootzoid, where you can download and use a demo version, read the documentation and of course, purchase emPolygonizer 5.