Need a Professional Proxy Management Tool for AE? Try qp ProxyMan

Working with intense footage can bog things down quite a bit, and Ae does have a proxy feature which will allow you to work around heavy loads. There is a difference however between working faster and working smarter.

Use proxies to work faster; use qp ProxyMan to work smarter.

With the newly released qp ProxyMan, you can work smarter. ProxyMan is a fully featured professional proxy management system for After rEffects, that can dramatically speed up your workflow. The After Effects script will allow you to easily create proxies for multiple footage items all at once, and also do it in the background.

qp ProxyMan uses After Effect’s own proxy feature set and wraps it all up into a simple and powerful panel. ProxyMan takes care of everything, including the rendering and output for your proxy files.




qp ProxyMan will allow you to:

Import and Proxy
Import one or more pieces of footage into After Effects, and automatically render proxies in the background with the currently selected Proxy Render Preset (Please note – Background rendering is disabled in the trial version).

Replace and Proxy
This feature is available by alt/opt-clicking on the Import and Proxy button. Replace a piece of footage and automatically render its proxy.

Render Proxy
Render proxies for footage already imported into your project, or to dramatically speed up pre-compositions without committing to a final pre-render.

Set Proxy
Browse the proxy cache to set a proxy for a piece of footage or comp (or browse for the proxy elsewhere).

Placeholder Proxy
Use ‘comp’ footage (small preview clips from stock footage websites, like Shutterstock) or lower-resolution standins (for example, half-res work-in-progress renders from your CG department) as if they were the full-res item. Quickly change versions, or bring in your full-res footage with the click of a button.

Remove Proxy
Quickly remove proxies from your project, with the option of deleting them from the cache.

Clear All Proxies
Alt/Opt-click the Remove Proxy button to remove (and delete if you want) all proxies from your project in one go. You can also manage the proxy cache from here.



qp ProxyMan Pricing and Availability

qp ProxyMan can be found on rescripts + aeplugins, check the page form more information of ProxyMan for After Effects. There is also a special introductory price for ProxyMan, which you can get for 25% OFF until Nov 2, 2015, Check the ProxyMan page for More information.