Animation Composer Plugin For After Effects Makes it Easy to Animate using Presets

Animation Composer is a free native plugin for After Effects, brought to you by… well… a horse. offers Animation Composer as a free plugin, which comes with 100+ motions presets for After Effects.

3 hours of work, done in 3 minutes with Animation Composer

Animation Composer is basically an interface for a motion preset library which will allow you to quickly create animation taking the repetitive nature out of a large portion of the animation tasks.

After Effects animation composer

Simply drag and drop the motion you want, either to the start or the end of a clip and Animation Composer will take care of everything for you. You can edit the timing of the events by moving layer makers around the clip to your designated areas.

Animation Composer will work with your own existing keyframes and doesn’t add any new keys to your existing After Effects layers. The plugin allows you to quickly browse and preview a huge library of motion presets. Over 100 come free with the plugin, and you can purchase more… like, thousands more.

To learn more about the free Animation Composer plugin for After Effects, Check out the page at here.