Snap Any 2D or 3D Position Property to a Layer in After Effects With Pointers

A new After Effects tool allows you to snap any layer or spacial property to the position of another layer. Pointers, new from Markus Bergelt, is super simple to use, and can snapping layer, regardless if it is 2D, 3D or parented.

Pointers allows you to snap any layer to any other layer. It does not matter if it is 3D, 2D or parented.

The Pointers tool essentially does all the work and complicated math for you, reducing the task to selecting a layer or property and the layer that is to be followed. The script also offers some controls allowing you to keyframe delay and offset.

You are also able to parent rotation and scale separately from the layer’s position, making it great for pointing lights, or cameras targeting layers with a couple simple clicks. 2D Effects are also able to follow 3D layers, which can solve a huge set of After Effects issues when compositing.

Pointers can be found on aescripts + aeplugins for a nominal $9.99, it will likely prove to be the best ten bucks you have spent on After Effects.