John Colombo is Making Some Excellent After Effects Tools

John Colombo is Making Some Excellent After Effects Tools

Motion Designer John Colombo Has Been Posting Some Super-Helpful After Effects Tools Solving After Effects Snags.

I’ve often joked that After Effects is a tool that people buy so they have somewhere to keep their plugins — Kind of like buying an expensive case for all your essential stuff. It’s not entirely a stretch, but it does get the point across, albeit hyperbolically. That said, you don’t need 3rd party tools to make Ae work, but you do needs 3rd party tools to keep your sanity. If you are always on the lookout for After Effects tools, then you should check out some new ones recently posted by John Columbo.

Columbo has been putting more than a few After Effects tools that not only solve common Ae issues, but they are also under a “name your own price” model, which seems to be getting increasingly rare in the After Effects community as more and more jump on the tools bandwagon to seek their fortunes.

Want something that can align the stroke on shape layers? Want something that can make duplicated layers below the original instead of above? Looking for a faster way to select and reveal properties? Or how about something to solo groups within Shape Layers? Then you should check out John Columbo’s Gumroad page, and maybe kick him a few bucks.

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  1. LOL
    Completely agree AE is a bag of plugins. But it’s for the better!
    Haven’t seen the needs for Columbo’s plugins though, maybe later.

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