Check Out These Free Ae Scripts for Environment Animation

Anthony Possobon releases free After Effects scripts for environment animation and more.

Are you trying to bring an illustrated scene to life in After Effects with complex movements? A recent post by animator Anthony Possobon can help you in two ways. First, there is a tutorial on how to create sophisticated animation and action in a scene in After Effects. The second is a suite of scripts for After Effects that can help you build that animation much faster, taking some of the tedium out of the process.

AFP Scripts offer a panel in Ae that holds five different animation scripts that include one for creating a hair rig, animated delay and follow-through, editing the delay, looping animation, and renaming elements. You can see the scripts in use while watching Possobon’s latest tutorial that shows how to create complex environment animation in After Effects. “Let’s find the connection in things to bring your scene to life! I’ll be showing you one of my favorite animation concepts, something I like to call — the Global Variable,” Anthony says of the tutorial.

Download the AFP Collection of scripts here.