Character Animator Ilya Mozzhukhin Shares His Experiences & Scripts for Creating 2D Characters in Maya

Any 3D application will have the tools you need to create much more than 3D content. This can include things like effects, matte paintings and 2D like elements… Basically anything that needs to be animated.

 Besides such advantages as speed and robust IK system, Maya provides us the most important thing – capability to export .fbx file with joints and animation directly to 3D engine.Ilya Mozzhukhin

With the embedded toon and cel shaded tools and robust environment that most 3D applications have, it is no wonder that some productions like SouthPark (created in Maya) and Futurama opt to develop some or all of their content in 3D.

Character artist Ilya Mozzhukhin understood this and set out on some research while working on a games project.


Ilya chose Autodesk Maya to create 2D animation – specifically 2D character animation and posted a short write up describing his experiences and sharing his workflow.

Ilya also posts the Maya scripts that were used to assist in the creating, rigging and animating the 2D characters.