Flat Characters in Maya, How to Rig a Leg

James Crossley shows how a flat character leg rig differs from a 3D one.

This flat character design series from James Crossley is already proving to be an impressive one. Crossley runs through some of the processes that he uses to create that cartoon character style in Maya, using flat elements. 

The latest video in the series looks into how to rig a leg when you work with a flat piece of geometry.

Rig a Leg, 3D vs. 2D.

To understand the differences between a 2D leg rig and a 3D one, Crossley first shows how a typical 3D leg rig works. “I wanted to cover some initial concepts with this simplified 3D model before showing how to rig a flat style character’s leg.” James says. In terms of cartoon rigging, there is a common theme: keep the system simple.