5 Python Commands You Will Find Useful in Maya

5 Useful Python Commands in Maya

João posts 5 quick and useful python commands that you might find indispensable when you use in your Autodesk Maya workflow.

 Really simple to understand and ready to use in the script editor

These 5 python commands range from things like renaming both transform and shape nodes, querying material connections within Maya, or managing light attributes for all your lights in the scene.

The Render Blog’s post shows how to create a simple light manager, switch sRGB to linear, check material connections, get objects in the scene with material, and rename duplicated shapes. Read more on The Render Blog 5 Useful Python Commands here.


This post is in support of the Render Blog’s CG Generalist Course, which looks to be a pretty valuable little resource for learning a wide range of CG techniques. The course’s content is divided into four sections, Photoshop, Maya, Nuke, and Theory, with each section containing over 20 tips or tutorials.


CG Generalist Course Pricing and Availability

The Render Blog’s CG Generalist Course can be purchased through the Render Blog, for $39.00 – giving you around two and a half hours of content. To learn more about the CG Generalist Course, check out the Render Blog here.

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