Easily Move an Arc By Creating an Arc Rig in C4D Using Xpresso

Jay Peeare offers a look into creating an arc rig in Cinema 4D. The arc spline preset in C4D has a lot of uses in modeling and rigging, but it is not that easy to move around or transform.

Having control over the arc spline in Cinema 4D can be useful

By creating a bit Xpresso behind it, you can easily rig it so that when you move the Arc’s points, it will keep its proper shape and proportions. This Arc rig will allow you to have control over the spline in C4D by simply placing the start and end point of the spline in the scene.

The Arc rig is actually a combination of Xpresso and a character constrain a rig, which can be built to speed up the process of placing the start and end of the arc spline.