HDR Sets Updates the sIBL HDR Loader Script for Maya and V-Ray

HDR Sets updated the HDR Sets GUI to 1.2 recently, adding a new way to handle plate specific asset placement. HDR Sets is an sIBL loader script for Maya that is specially designed to speed up workflow when working with materials that include back plates and matched 3D cameras.

HDR Sets is a company that provides a library of production-ready lighting environments. Each “Set” is made up of a complete lighting solution, containing a spherical HDR–panorama, multiple HDR-backplates, matched 3D cameras (alembic, fbx, mb) and a scene setup file based on sIBL.

HDR Sets GUI 1.2 adds a new shot tab as a way to setup specific Maya render layers for each plate, giving you the options to create specific shot overrides. This will prove to be an easy way to place an asset into several camera perspectives from multiple HDR Sets in a single Maya scene.


Other Additions to the HDR Sets GUI

  • Setup is optimized for Vray 3.0
  • Domelight for reflections: While primary lighting is cast through vray rect lights, a domelight is now always used to cast reflections and therefore make use of multi importance sampling.
  • Optimized dimension handling: The light setup is now compatible with a wider range of scene dimensions.
  • As soon as an HDR Set is loaded to the scene, double-clicking a plate in the plates tab will switch the active viewport to the according camera.
  • Image planes in Maya 2015 now work as expected.
  • A “Copy to Sourceimages” button in the options tab will copy all files of the currently loaded HDR Sets to the current maya project’s sourceimages folder and relink file paths accordingly.

If you use HDR Sets, the HDR Sets GUI remains free of charge and can be found at www.hdr-sets.com/tools