HDR Sets GUI Adds RenderMan Support

HDR Sets are a library of  lighting environment where each contain a “set” of HDR images. These include spherical HDR–panorama, multiple HDR-backplates, matched 3D cameras (alembic, fbx, mb) and a scene setup file based on sIBL.

The HDR Sets GUI is a plugin that will allow you to load and use HDR Sets in various applications such as Maya, Modo, Cinema 4D and others.

The central new feature in this release is full support for RenderMan for Maya.

The GUI tool allows you to access your HDRI library in host applications, and load HDRIs, 3D cameras and backplates into your scene
It also offers fully automated lighting setup for V-ray and RenderMan/RIS. You can automatically load and setup several lighting environments on separate render layers and easily setup and manage multiple shots within a single maya scene.

Recently the HDR Sets GUI has updated to version 1.4, including new support for Pixar RenderMan. The HDR Sets team have been collaborating with Pixar’s development team to make the implementation and its release possible. HDR Sets GUI 1.4 features include RenderMan/RIS support, Multi-Library Browser, 100% customizable startup settings.

For more information on HDR Sets and HDR Sets GUI, check out the HDR Sets page.