How To Compile Maya Plugins Across Multiple Versions and Platforms

Ever wanted to create Maya plugins to include multiple platforms as well as multiple versions of Maya?

Chad Vernon offers a look at compiling Maya plugins for multiple platforms such as OS X, Windows and Linux at the same time, using one build-file. Chad also show show you can develop the plugin for multiple version of Autodesk Maya as well.

How to compile Maya plugins on all platforms using CMake.

When creating Maya plugins, the problem is that there are many different developer environments, as well as many different versions of Maya. Maintaining multiple development environment projects for each platform would be maddening.

Best thing would be to maintain a single build file that would work across every platform and every version of Maya. This  is where CMake comes in. CMake represents a cross platform open source build system.

CMake is designed to be used in conjunction with the native build environment and will allow you to keep a single set of build scripts which can then be used to generate the build environment for the Maya plugins for any of platforms you want.

Chad hosts CMake modules for common applications related to computer graphics, where you download the FindMaya.cmake file: