Understanding the Video Game Animation Tree for Interactive Character Animation

Games animator James Marijeanne posts a look into the basics for creating animation for video games. Part one consists of a break down detailing what the Animation Tree is.

what an animation tree is, how interactive animation works in a video game based on button inputs.

James notes that the fist step in creating interactive animation is a solid understanding of how the animation tree works within a video game that is based on button inputs. There is also an explanation on how all the the animation components relate to each other within the Animation Tree.

James plans this basic animation tutorial to be part of a larger series. The tutorials will look into the process for creating all the character set animations needed for interactive video game animations.

The Series is intended to focus on practical tips for game animation. Other installments will go much deeper into the theory of certain animation principles in separate videos. There is not much information technical aspects of this process (ie implementation into a game engine). This will be beyond the scope of the tutorial series, the focus here is animation.