An Alternative Biped Solution for Unreal and Maya

Gwen Frey Shows How She Blends Biped Locomotion from Maya to Unreal Without Using Transition Animations.

If you watched the 2018 GDC micro-talk session “Animation Bootcamp: 2018 Tricks of the Trade” You watched Gwen Frey give a fast five minutes on how she approaches locomotion animation in the engine, without using any transition animations at all. If that was too short for you, as it was for me, there is good news. Gwen has put together a bit of an extended cut, which covers the techniques that she uses for character locomotion with Autodesk Maya and Unreal.

“This is an extended cut version of my 5-minute GDC talk on Alternative Biped Locomotion. I go over how I blend locomotion without using transition animations, how I export as much data from Maya into the engine as possible, and how I set up turn in place for a specific prototype character.” Gewn says about her talk.

Gwen Frey is a Founder, Artist, Animator, Biz Dev at The Molasses Flood and often streams game developmen live on Twitch. Check that out here.