Mikey Borup shares his method for creating vector animated accents in After Effects. Animated accents can add more polish to your project by highlighting or “stinging” certain elements on the screen – and there are plenty of ways that they can be made.

Here Mikey offers a look into his process for creating some vector animated accents in Ae, setting up a bit of automation in areas that make it flexible for animation.


More Resources for Creating Animated Accents in Ae.

Mt. Mograph, Matt Jylkka demonstrated how to create some interesting animated accents with a look into creating a “gamer tag” in the post Adding Animation Accents to Motion Graphics.

He also refined and simplified the process a bit in the post Easily Creating Accented Geometric Explosions in After Effects.

Taking things a step further, Matt also created a freely available script that lets you create animated accents. Check out the post Create Accent Effects in Ae Easily With the Effortless Accents Script for more information.