Free Maya Soft IK Solver Offers an Advanced Solution for 2 Bone Setups

Have you ever heard of The Tool Chefs? They are Daniele Federico and Alan Stanzione who are specializing in creating plugins for applications like Autodesk Maya, The Foundry Nuke, SideFX Houdini and Newtek Lightwave. Their focus is mainly in  animation, but also in pipeline, rigging, modelling, crowd and lighting tools.

fixes the annoying “pop” problem at full extension in the normal IK system.

The Tool Chefs recently have posted a free tool in a Maya Soft IK solver that gives some some advanced options for the standard two bone IK set up.

The Maya Soft IK solver will easily fix joint popping in animation when the joint is at full extension. It offers complete control over the stretch algorithm and an elbow slide and lock system that is required for rigs today.

The free Maya Soft IK Solver doesn’t use any extra or special nodes, importing a speed advantage over other current solutions. This makes it easy to update older rigs without modifying the setup with new nodes. All you have to do is laid the plugin and choose the soft IK solver form the ikHandle.




Maya Soft IK Solver Features:

  • Soft extension
  • Stretch
  • Elbow slide
  • Elbow lock


Availability and Pricing

The Maya Soft IK Solver is available for Maya 2014 and Maya 2015, Linux, Windows and Mac versions. Check out the download and installation instructions for The Tool Chef’s Maya Soft IK Solver here.