Video clip for the band Hundred Waters.
An empty spacecraft. A paranoid vacuum cleaner robot. Some strange invaders. And a lot of CCTV cameras.

Directed and designed by Jeremy Clapin

Music by Hundred Waters
Nicole Miglis / Trayer Tryon / Paul Giese / Zach Tetreault

Executive Producers : Nicole Miglis / Mike Feinberg – FAMILY ARTISTS
Record Label : OWSLA / K7 / Traffic
Line Producer : Fortiche Production
Production manager : Delphine Blaineau
Modeling characters : Pascal Charrue
Characters rigging : Yann Moriaud
Animation : Audric Escales, Jeremy Clapin
Environment modeling : Christian de Pedro et Matthieu Garcia
Lighting and rendering : Jerome Combe, Christian de Pedro, Matthieu Garcia et Léo Védel
Compositing : Jeremy Clapin