An Introduction to Populating Scenes in Maya Using Golaem Crowd

The Golaem Crowd team has a look into creating crowd simulations with Golem. Crowd simulations can be not only daunting, but also confusing. Typically, there are a lot of variables and technical skills needed to get quality crowd simulations going.

how to easily populate a scene from assets creation to rendering.

Golaem Crowd however differs in that it is an “artist driven” tool. Golem Crowd was built to be an easy and affordable avenue into complex crowd simulations in Maya. Golem can populate worlds with direct-able digital characters, offering an intuitive controls.

Golaem Crowd offers a system that is built for performances, centered around a creative approach to crowd simulations rather than technical. In fact the Golem team says that Golem can be used by any artist, trained in just three days.