Maya Sprite Slicer Tool Automatically Generates Planes and UVs Based on a Sprite Sheet

If you create 2D style character animation in Maya, Sprite Slicer might be of interest to you. Sprite Slicer is a tool that will allow you to automatically generate the planes in the correct aspect ratio with perfectly aligned UV’s.




Sprite Slicer is a tool that significantly speeds up the creation of image planes or sprites in Maya

Sprite Slicer will recognize all the separate shapes in a sprite sheet and create sprites in the Viewport for them. The tool offers some control over how the shapes will come in. You can also choose where the initial pivot for the objects will be. The tool also provides some fine weeks for how the image will come in.

Sprite Slicer can also import  many reference images at one time. You can also use it to get textured planes that you can use for modeling.

Developed by Armin Halac. Sprite Slicer is not only a tool that he uses in his own workflow, but something that he is sharing. Sprite Slicer is available on GumRoad for download. Feel free to donate to help support further development of the tool. Armin already expressed the next features of the tool. The plan is to optimize the shape recognition speed and add convex hull creation.

Check out Sprite Slicer for Maya for automatically generating 2D sprites in Maya.