After Effects Rolling Polygon Preset

Rolling Polygon Preset

Shinsuke Matsumoto shares his Rolling Polygon Preset he created for After Effects. The preset allows you to easily animate a multi-sided object rolling, accounting for all the object’s edges and valleys.

The Rolling Polygon Preset was built on quick expressions based on the tutorial Rollin’ and Riggin’ a Cube by School of Motion. All you have to do is install the preset to your Ae Presets folder, and then create a shape layer and apply the preset.

You can then animate the shape rolling by only keying the object’s rotation attribute. Check out the Rolling Cube Preset from beat gram, Shinsuke Matsumoto here.


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  1. Shinsuke

    Thank you for your support, sir! I appreciate it. I hope my preset helps out the mograph community even just a little.

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