How to Make Multi-Line Text Borders in After Effects

Ilir Beqiri shows how to generate and animate multiple text lines in Ae with borders that fit automatically.

This new tutorial from Ilir Beqiri covers a deep-dive into expressions, showing how to make multi-line text borders in After Effects. Auto-fitting type within a box or a border is a famous endeavor among motion artists, yet nothing exists within After Effects.

Beqiri shows how to do two different practical projects that you can save as templates – both heavy with expressions.

Other Examples for Auto-Fit Type.

NT Production’s Nathan Lovell shows how you can make an expression that will auto-fit type to any width that you set and then make that into a script for After Effects.

This tutorial from Ukramedia’s Sergei Prokhnevskiy shows how to size text to a shape layer in Afer Effects automatically.

About Ilir Beqiri

Ilir Beqiri is a Motion designer living and working in Tirana, Albania.