Maya For Softimage Users: Understanding Shape Nodes

Miquel Campos has started a new series that specifically covers some of the things you will need to know when you switch from Softimage to Maya. One of the differences is the transform and shape nodes and how they are addressed in each application.

a new series of video trying to cover the “pains” that you will find coming from Softimage to Maya

Miquel is one such converter coming from SoftImage to Maya. He has already gone through the pains in the switch and has overcome them. The nice guy that he is, Miquel is here to help anyone else who is doing, or is thinking of doing the switch from Soft to Maya.

Here, Miquel Campos has a look at the differences in something as simple as the shape node both in Maya and Softimage. Talking about the transform and shape does inside of Maya, Miquel makes the distinction between doing things the shape node the “soft” way and doing things the Maya way.