Heyne media productions shares a look at using its Drive! plugin for Cinema 4D to easily rig and animate a realistic car crash. Drive! for C4D will allow you to easily create physically correct vehicle and automobile animations.

animating a car crash with Cinema 4D and DRIVE car simulation.

With a couple of clicks you can get a drivable vehicle going, that allows you to edit a variety of settings for different animation possibilities.


Recently a new version of Drive! was released. Drive! 1.7 with a new follow command. Follow will have the rigged car follow an animation object in the scene.

In combination with the new execution conditions “In Forward Gear” and “In Reverse Gear” precise maneuvers can be realized much easier.

Another new command can be used to work with custom data sequences in XPresso to animate any parameters indepent of the time line.

You can learn more about Drive! for Cinema 4D, here.