Ahmed El-Hofy, creator of the EasyBooks generator for Cinema 4D, and other “easy” plugins, has updated the Easy Car Drive Tool to a new version 2.0, and given it a new name, the Easy Car Rig for Cinema 4D. The Plugin will allow you to rig and animate a car in Cinema 4D R13 Studio Version and above easily, as the name would suggest.

Easy Car Rig v2.0 is the newest version of Easy Car Drive Tool, which is a plugin for animating cars

Using an imported car model, you are able to build a full and complete rig for the car with just a few simple clicks, and then animate the car by taking the wheel and driving it around the Cinema 4D Scene, recording the animation.

Easy Car Rig for Cinema 4D sports a newly redesigned interface and provides visual controls for animating a car in Cinema 4D. The Plugin also has dummy object based dynamics calculations, which will lower the CPU resources when calculating a simulation. For more information on Easy Car Rig for Cinema 4D check out Ahmed El-Hofy’s page here, and also check it out over at C4DTools.net here.