Setting up interactions with multiple objects nDynamics including nHair and constraints can be pretty straightforward in Maya. There are times however, when it may not be that obvious how a system can be put together.

how to easily hang objects from a rope using nCloth and nHair in Maya.

Here, Autodesk’s Daryl Obert challenges such a system of having clothespins that are both grasping photographs and hanging on a string. Daryl shows how to set all this up using Maya’s nHair and nCloth. Using Maya’s nHair seems like a likely connection, as it is an easy way to make curves dynamic, even though they technically won’t be used for hair in this instance.

nCloth is used for the photographs so that a constraint between the clothespin and the photo can be used. You can set the nCloth object to react less like cloth and more like paper.