MamoWorld has released the latest version of its workflow tool that simplifies the back and forth between Imagineer systems Mocha and After Effects. MochaImport+ help you send your footage to much and allowing you to apply the tracking data back into your After Effects project however you want.

MochaImport+ for After Effects version 5 is available now – with some new killer features on board.

MochaImport+ v5 adds a host of new things, some if them are some pretty big features. One of the most convenient things is MochaImport+ v5 adds clipboard support. This means that you no longer need files to transfer the tracking data any longer. You can now just copy and paste the mocha tracking data.

There is also the introduction of a scripting API in MochaImport+ v5. This will allow you to use MochaImport+ in your own scripting. All functionality of MochaImport+ is available in a well documented scripting API, giving you the opportunity to use MochaImport+ functionality in your own scripts, to automate things even further.

More Features to the New MochaImport+ v5.

In addition to clipboard support and the scripting API, MochaImport+ includes expression driving tracking data. the new version will et you represent tracking data through expressions. As an example, if you move a corner point in a frame, the expressions can automatically adjust the position of the move on all frames.

You can now move masks and properties with a corner pin track, and use bezier warp for pins on curved surfaces. MochaImport+ includes new support for the card dance effect and all major 3rd party plugins.

To learn more about the newest features of MochaImport+, visit or MamoWorld.


Pricing and Availability

MochaImport+ is available for $49.99, the upgrade from any previous version costs $14.99. If you purchased MochaImport+ in 2015, you get the upgrade for free. If you login with your aescripts customer account and put the product in your shopping cart, the correct upgrade price for you is automatically calculated.

  • MochaImport+ $49.99
  • MochaImport+ upgrade $14.99
  • MochaImport+ upgrade $0.00 if you also buy MaskTracker+ ($49.99)