The MamoWorld Folks have posted a new and interesting look at some of the background in creating effects with their tools. Creating a screen insert using the card dance effect in After Effects, the tutorial shows how you can add another dimension to screen replacements using MochaImport+ to do the heavy lifting.

how to combine a screen insert with the Card Dance effect.

The tutorial covers Using the Card Dance Effect with mocha corner pin tracking data, and how to create a key from a green screen while preserving the reflections for the device screen.

Finally, there is a bit about adding depth of field to the Card Dance Effect in Ae, to bring it all together.

MochaImport+ recently was updated to version 5. If you are unfamiliar with MochaImport+, it is a tool that bridges Mocha Pro’s planar tracker within After Effects.

MochaImport+ allows you to send clips and masks from After Effects to Mocha, and move layers and elements in Ae with tracking data. One of the biggest features however, is allowing you to ad mocha tracking data to Ae with expressions instead of keyframes. This lets you move or adjust the elements globally, without having to adjust every pasted keyframe from a mocha track.

There is also a great stabilized precomp feature that allows you to jump into your tracked area and make modification in a stabilized view. This can solve or a lot of problems, making it easy to paint out or ad FX to a stable view and have that automatically pass down to the original composition.