Mocha and Mocha Pro offer a really simple and easy solution for tracking shots. Being a planar tracker, Mocha is less concerned with things like motion blur and even noise in some cases. There are times when tracking in Mocha will be a bit inaccurate.

how to improve a mocha track that is not accurate

Mocha Pro comes with an adjust tracking module that will allow you to fix problems when they arise. Using the adjust tracking system in mocha, will still export a keyframe on every frame for every animated property. Back in your compositor, this may be difficult to manage.

This is where the beauty of MochaImport+ comes in. The After Effects workflow tool will allow you to bring in Mocha tracking data using expressions rather than a keyframe on every frame.

This makes it enormously easier to adjust your tracking by adding keyframes on channels that are empty. This is a great way to improve on tracking that comes from mocha simply by adding your own keyframe adjustments on top of the tracking data.

Visit Mamoworld for more information on MochaImport+ which offers easy mocha workflow for AE and NUKE.


MochaImport+ is available for $49.99, the upgrade from any previous version costs $14.99. If you purchased MochaImport+ in 2015, you get the upgrade for free. If you login with your aescripts customer account and put the product in your shopping cart, the correct upgrade price for you is automatically calculated.

  • MochaImport+ $49.99
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